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Why not load your mobile battery more than 80%?

Like care for the battery of your mobile and that this not is deteriorating with the step of the time? An of the key can be not charging the battery more beyond of the 80%. With this you get to multiply by two the useful life of your smartphone battery.

Getting the battery will not deteriorate

Before, when it had mobile that we could remove the case and replace the battery with a new one, we knew that it was possible a couple of years after that the battery had deteriorated and that we had to change it. Buy an original had a relatively high cost, but it was rather affordable compared with the price of the phone, and the time we had it, as well as by the fact that we had a new battery. Even so, if we could avoid it better. Today, almost any smartphone gives us the possibility of changing the battery. Buy an original is more expensive, because they are not designed to sell the battery packs, and disassemble a mobile is not something simple. So with all this, the ideal is to do everything possible so that the battery does not deteriorate. But, what is really useful and what not it is?

Cargar Batería

Do not charge battery beyond 80% is something that can be useful.

Do not charge the battery more than the 80%

Batteries are composed of nuclei that store energy. Battery charge speed will vary if this is charged at 20%, or if we are exceeding 80%. So to speak, the best battery performance is between that 20% and 80%. Outside these values, we will be contributing to a greater deterioration of battery. The ideal is that the battery is always in that range intermediate of capacity. When battery exceeds 80%, we are consuming battery charging cycles. In general, the life useful of a battery is measured in cycles. If our battery is 2,000 cycles, reaching 100% we will be consuming more cycles than if we were at 80%. And if we leave the mobile connected to the 100%, the deterioration will be greater.

So it is ideal to avoid the battery to pass 80%. And if possible, also to avoid falling below 20%. If this is possible for you, and you is not a great effort, it is ideal. A good way to get your battery remains perfect.

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