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Why is Android the operating system with all further?

Windows 10 was going to be a revolution. Or so it seemed. I was going to change everything in the world of computers and the mobiles. But it has not succeeded. Neither macOS nor iOS are not the best. There are not many more different options today. Tizen is one dead OS, as well as others that tried to become something like Firefox OS, but never got it. Android is the only operating system that has a future.

Windows 10 has not got what wanted

Microsoft believed that with Windows 10 I would give back to the world of smartphones. Yes, it’s true that Windows 10 has achieved a great success in the world of computers. In part, it is logical because Windows 8 didn’t like users, and easily went all to upgrade to a version that already that he would have with the characteristics that they were asking for, in addition to by the fact that update would be free. However, the key was that all those users that have 10 Windows on your computer, that would be very many, would like that your smartphone and your computer should have a special compatibility. That was the great asset of Microsoft. But it has happened to the contrary. Microsoft has fallen in sales in their smartphones in many countries. Does not sell mobile phones with Windows 10. Certainly it is not the future in the world of smartphones. A pity, perhaps, because promised. In fact, we said that there was a problem for Android a few months ago, which was that both Apple and Microsoft had an operating system’s desktop and mobile operating system for tablets, while Google had a so complete ecosystem.

Of course that, while Apple lost benefits with respect to previous years, and Microsoft sold less mobile, are increasingly mobile phones that are sold with Android operating system.

On Android, there is room for improvement

That said, also it must be said that we expect best ever Android mobile. It is something that we can’t so easily in other operating systems. Mobile with Windows each time better lead us to mobiles more expensive, and probably fewer sales. The iPhone is already good by itself. There are margin, much room to make iPhone’s best level. But as Apple also wants to upgrade their smartphones according to what you asked the market much, we see mobile with characteristics of previous generations. The advantage of Android is that there are many manufacturers with the same operating system, and they all compete with one another, both in price and features. They offer different options, and thus ultimately emerge better camera, better processor, better screen, or the best battery is easy.


Android will expand around the world

There is still a large part of the world that has Smartphone. When all these regions happen to have smartphones, will iPhones be to bought? It is possible that a part Yes. But it is likely to buy mobile in the lowest possible, and thats always Android. Today we talked about a mobile, honour 5, with a price below 100 euros, which already offers us a good performance to run standard apps.

That gives the possibility to expand throughout the world, and reaching millions more users, while difficult it is iOS and Windows 10, not to mention all the other operating systems there is almost no nor that mention them to Android.

Android on desktop

And it would still be a last pending issue for Android. The desktop. A desktop for Android interface would be something crucial. And it is something that we will have to do sooner or later. Chrome OS will not always be the operating system of the Chromebooks. Sometime Android will become the operating system of the computers of Google. And we will see if at that moment not it becomes a great rival for Windows 10 also. This has to do above all with new generations. And it is that Yes, for us that use a mouse or a touchpad and keyboard, is common, and it seems that the interfaces of mobile phones are worse. But new generations coming, accustomed to using screens from very small, that use a keyboard, or a mouse, will be something of the past century, almost like what they are today for us typewriters. And we will see if then there is a radical change in the world of computers.

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