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Why emojis appear in the description of an Android app?

Have you ever seen the emojis in the description of an Android app? When you finish reading this article Enter Google Play and check it. It looks like a detail or embellishment without importance, but they are there for something more important. Many applications are already incorporating it. We give you some examples and respond to this “strange” question.

The emojis are part of our daily communication. Have part of guilt like Whatsapp or Facebook Messengerchat or instant messaging applications. We use them in the case of emails, appear in ads and even rumored that they are preparing a movie. In fact, use them whenever we can and today, any application that involves speaking, must have them available.

It seems that they have also jumped to Google Play, in particular to the descriptions of Android applications. The application Novoda developer has conducted a study with a surprising result.

Emojis in the description of an app for Android

In the study carried out by the developer emojis are introduced in the description of the application. They then tested the reaction of users using a/b test. These tests provide a description with these icons and other randomly without them. And the result was as follows: applications that have in their description emojis are downloaded more.

It seems incredible, but the study has shown this as well. It is true that only reached this conclusion in some countries. Will it be Spain among them?

app de android ccleaner con emoji

The team chose these three emojis: 🚀, 🚮 and 💯, and placed them in the description of application of CCleaner from Piriform. Each icon with 25 percent of the users of Google Play Store in several countries and not to use none for the other 25 percent. In Germany and Italy, the icons “rocket” and “100” in the description of the app from Android made users they downloaded the application 20% more. Poland is more rare because they are the emoji gives them confidence ‘junk’ in the description. Downloads increased about 7 percent.

What happens with our country? Because the tests were not conclusive. That is, in Spain do not download more an application of Android with emojis in its description. In Russia and France. The case of the United Statesis also curious. They are those who most use, but not for this. Americans downloaded this application more with traditional description.

What has also shown Novoda is the presentation of an Android app in Google Play, with real results can be optimized.  Whether for good or for bad, other applications are already incorporating it.

From AndroidAyuda we encourage you share applications with emojis are and what you think about this study.

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