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When you use the HDR photos and when not?

The HDR is present in the world of mobile phones for quite some time. However, it is not always the ideal use HDR in the photos or videos that we recorded with our smartphone. When we should be using the HDR photos and when should we avoid it?

HDR, what is it?

“High dynamic range”, HDR according to its acronym in English. The dynamic range of an image are all levels of color or light that we can capture in such a socket. From the darkest to the lightest. For example, if we are going to capture a photograph of a sunset with a light source very strong on the backplane, and a dark foreground, like a cave, here we need an extreme dynamic range to make everything look. If the camera does not have a large dynamic range, the Sun will not be well, either or the cave will not look good. To solve this problem, the cameras include what is referred to as HDR. Instead of a screenshot, there are several shots with different exposure settings. Some of these screenshots highlight the dark elements, and other clear elements. Combine all the outlets, and gets a picture with a high dynamic range.


Photo by @jotalcubo

When I use it?

Provided on the image we have extreme elements in what its level of light refers, it is good to use HDR. In many photos of nature, or taken in broad daylight the day is good to use HDR. When shooting pictures in which he appeared a major light source is also good to use HDR. In general, always and when in the picture we get to see everything we can see with our eyes.

When not to use it?

We have said that multiple captures are performed and are combined into one. This means that mobile will take more time to make a HDR photo, because all that does. Depending on which they do (can be 3 or more) will take more or less. If we are going to shoot a photo of our dog, and we need to do a very quick photo, we should not use HDR. The HDR is for static photos, and we should have the greatest possible stability. Our photo subjects should not move. If we are to take a selfie, nor perhaps ideally use HDR, unless we can stand enough seconds without moving. If you are in a concert and you want to quickly capture a selfie, it will not be the best choice.

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