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WhatsApp will soon give the option to communicate with us companies

WhatsApp prepares for what will be one of the most relevant modifications of the history of the application. And is that soon could begin to monetize is the cost of the app. In particular, it seems that soon WhatsApp will give the option to communicate with us companies.

The great novelty in WhatsApp

WhatsApp is an of the applications that less news has received since it launched. In fact, many of them news that has received have been rather changes in the appearance of the interface graphics, but not have been changes in functions of the application.

But now, we must prepare for that is going to be one of the most important changes in WhatsApp. Although it was stated that the application would never have advertising, the truth is that it could soon have something similar. You will not have advertising as we know it, in the form of a banner ad at the bottom of the screen, but it will offer service to companies. Basically, the companies may use the application to communicate is with those users. There will be a special version of the application for companies. Although contact users will be a payment option. In fact, thanks to this WhatsApp would make a really profitable application. And all this without advertising.

WhatsApp Logo Portada

Even so, it remains to be seen how users will receive a feature that actually, for many will be like include advertising of the application. There is no doubt that Facebook, owner of WhatsApp, wants to make the purchase of an application that was remarkably expensive. But it seems that users are willing to understand this, there are a lot of messaging applications. It will be difficult if a large number of users decides to abandon WhatsApp to switch to another application, but if that can happen, no doubt this is the time. That Yes, still is waiting to see what the reaction of the users and what will be the definitive news for businesses in WhatsApp.

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