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WhatsApp will force to accept sharing data with Facebook to continue using it

A few weeks ago appeared a news related to WhatsApp in which we could see that the messaging application would share with Facebook user data. These data that would share would be data as the number of phone associated to it has, and with the objective of provide us advertising based on those data. We could not share data with Facebook if we didn’t want to, but that will no longer be possible if we want to continue to use the application. WhatsApp will force us to accept sharing the data if you want to use the app.

You’ll have to share your data with Facebook

If you wish to continue using the application now, you longer have to accept that the app will share your information with Facebook. This is not new because it was announced a few weeks ago that the app would begin to share data to offer more personalized advertising using our profile data. However, also is truth that in that time is we gave the option of accept the share those data or not accept it. However, precisely today has been a change in the conditions of WhatsApp. Now already it gives us the option of not accepting to share data with Facebook. Or rather, that us gives that option, but in such case will have that stop of use WhatsApp. Obviously, this is something that even contemplate, by what can say directly that today 26 of September, if like continue using WhatsApp, will have that accept which is share the data with Facebook.

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If you had not appeared a notice informing you of this today, it may be for two reasons. One of them is that when is launched this novelty of share the data with Facebook you already it accepted and, therefore, WhatsApp already not required of a new acceptance. The other option is that you’ve created your account on WhatsApp in the last 30 days. If so, you created it already with the new conditions, so it was not necessary to even ask for a change in these regarding what refers to sharing the data with Facebook. So, now already not is something optional, but a requirement to use the application.

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