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WhatsApp tricks: use it to send files to your PC

There are many ways of send you files to your PC from your mobile phone. Via email, through services like Dropbox or Google Drive cloud or applications dedicated to this as AirDroid, for example. But if something we have always hand in our phone is WhatsApp and, often, in our computer.

You can send files to PC from WhatsApp and use the application as a service in the cloud that you’ll always have at hand. To do this yourself you must speak. There are several options. The first does not always work: you can keep your phone number on your calendar, open the messaging application, find yourself and talk to yourself, making the chat with yourself your own cloud service.

WhatsApp to send files to your PC

You may save your number is not displayed your contact WhatsApp and you can not talk to you. In that case, there is a second foolproof option to convert your WhatsApp to a cloud service. To get it, however, will need an accomplice.  

You will have to create a group of WhatsApp. You must at least add a member of the group, as well as you, so choose a person of trust to be able to ask him to eject when. Once you exit, there will be nobody more and can send you whatever you want to. You can spend in the group photographs, screenshots and other images go to later need or want to use the computer for something.

Cómo pasar datos al PC con Whatsapp

If you don’t need to use them, also you can leave them there for later. To access them from one computer only you may access WhatsApp from the computer and download them. A simple way of busting pictures without having to create an additional account on a service such as Google Drive or Dropbox cloud.

Cómo pasar datos al PC con Whatsapp

WhatsApp Web

If you’ve never used the version of WhatsApp to your computer, you have two options. You can download to desktop, available for Windows and Mac application either or you can use the version directly from the browser. To run the app in any of the two versions, you will have to go to the menu in the upper right corner of the app on your mobile and click on WhatsApp Web. Then will come a code reader you will have to use to scan the QR code that appears on your computer screen. A time scanning, you can already use it without looking at the phone. That Yes, will do lack that is installed on the phone and have connection at all times.

If you are going to use the web version en a public or work computer, is convenient to know than not closes by itself when you close the tab or the browser window, but it remains open. You can close manually on the web or you can access the WhatsApp Web section on the phone and press on ‘close all sessions’.

Cómo pasar datos al PC con Whatsapp

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