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WhatsApp soon will include “announcements official”

Whenever we talk about ads and WhatsApp it seems that end, or rather than end… Unfortunately, WhatsApp will include advertising in its application. And this time it is true, WhatsApp will soon include “official announcements”, although it does not seem that they are referring to advertising, so at the moment we can be calm. Rather, it will include are “official announcements” of the application, such as the arrival of a new function.

“Official announcements”

The news it know thanks to the platform of translation of WhatsApp, in which can see phrases on functions that is van to include and that those users have that translate because van to arrive in a future. In this case, the phrase to translate is neither more nor less than “official announcements”. This phrase could confuse users, and lead us to think that it has something to do with the arrival of advertising to WhatsApp. In addition, they arrive at a curious, just time when WhatsApp has begun to share information with Facebook users in order to offer a more relevant advertising. But no, it is not advertising, but official announcements that the application would like to do, by means of the application itself.

WhatsApp Anuncios Oficiales

I.e., that these ads they would us directly by the app, and so we will not let us take the fakes circulating sometimes by WhatsApp. We talk about, for example, video calls that much discussed, and which eventually do come, but who then were only a fake. Speak also of fakes that we make believe that WhatsApp is going to be of payment, etc, etc. In this case, the aim of the company is that there is a section within the app that has the official announcements, and anyone can go there to see them and confirm that “officially” is WhatsApp saying users. Of that form, WhatsApp would be contributing to avoid that the fakes is spread, although probably will continue to having many users that believe these. But in any case, is a good step of WhatsApp to have a communication more direct with their users.

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