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WhatsApp could give the option of secure conversations as favorite

How many conversations and groups have initiated on WhatsApp. Probably many, but it is true that those not use all, or much less. Sometimes they are very few that use frequently. So one of the new features of WhatsApp might be set talks as Favorites.

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WhatsApp is the most widely used messaging application. And usually it doesn’t arrive with a lot of news each of new versions, updates to the application. They tend to be news of little relevance, including some feature that has a lot to do with how the application works. It is the case of the new feature being tested now on WhatsApp. It is able to select conversations as Favorites, to be able to access them quickly.

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In general, we have many conversations in the application, and many of them do not use them, but that we focus on a few main talks which are that we always use. To facilitate these conversations are always first, WhatsApp could add favorite conversations. We could select up to three conversations as favorites so that they always appear in the first place. This new feature could come soon, although at the moment it is in testing phase. Even so, to be a function that does not affect the proper functioning of WhatsApp wouldn’t be anything rare ended becoming a reality.

WhatsApp article could give the option of fixing conversations as favorite was published in AndroidAyuda.

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