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WhatsApp changes the interface on the latest version of its beta

WhatsApp is probably the application more used in the world. And even so them modifications that will make the application are very few. For this reason, any developments concerning this application is relevant. The latest beta version includes a redistribution of the interface to facilitate the use of the application.

WhatsApp appearance It has changed very little since the application was launched. Probably that has contributed to a great amount of users is has accustomed to use it as the main medium of communication that are available.

Calls take role.

In the latest beta of the application has been a redistribution of the elements of the interface. For example something that we see is that calls have gone to collect prominence. Initially WhatsApp never told with calls. But in recent years we have seen the arrival of voice and video calls.

Now it will be much easier to make a voice call or a video call to any user. And is that the buttons call and video call now find them separately in the top bar of each conversation with each user.

whatsapp nueva interfaz

Attach file

Another novelty that we find in the interface of WhatsApp talks, has something to do with the files that we can attach in a conversation already received news long ago. If you remember to attach a file before we had to press the button with the icon of the clip that appeared on the top bar. And once done that we choose the type of file that we wanted to send. Only we could quickly send photographs from the text of each conversation bar. Now that is no longer so.

Basically, have already said that the top bar is occupied by calling buttons. Clip to attach files happened to be in the conversation bar, next to the button images. When you click on this clip appear the same options as before. So change is not very notable. But the relocation of this button provides the ability to send a contact or our location in any conversation.

To count with this new interface of WhatsApp so only you will need to upgrade to the latest beta version of the application now available in Google Play.

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