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WhatsApp Beta has problems when sending messages in Group

WhatsApp Beta is the version of the of the world’s most widely used messaging application tests. Many users have it installed because with this version it is possible to access functions that are not available in the final version. However, WhatsApp Beta has problems. And that it closes whenever you attempt to send messages or files in group.

WhatsApp Beta

If you want to be the first user to try the innovations that come to WhatsApp, you must have WhatsApp Beta. To do this, you must have downloaded the app from the official website of the application, and not Google Play. While it is true that this version is the first to receive news, it is also true no longer being a trial version, so there is the possibility of errors. They are almost never fatal errors. Sometimes they are errors that only occur in some smartphones. But sometimes, are errors that affect all users, as happened with the last serious error of the most recent version.

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Problems when sending messages in Group

The big problem that now found WhatsApp Beta is showing an error message when we try to send messages in groups or any other type of files. Specifically, WhatsApp stops and stops working. This means that it is now impossible to communicate with the Beta version of WhatsApp through groups. Yes we can receive messages, but you can not send them.

The solution is simple. WhatsApp Beta uninstall, go to Google Play, and install the version of WhatsApp occurring in this app. However, if you have WhatsApp Beta is because you assume that it can be reached with such errors, so at the end and all, was something that was planned between. Whatever it is, it is likely that Beta version of WhatsApp be updated very soon solved this error.

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