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WhatsApp begins to share data with Facebook

We were told that WhatsApp would not have advertising, which would not be paid, that that wasn’t going to change after Facebook bought it. But it true is that the network social is spent much money in her application and was by something. Obviously, wanted data from a base of users so large as it is it’s WhatsApp, and now already has begun to share data with Facebook.

Changes in the use and WhatsApp privacy policy

That itself, for start, there are that say that these data that WhatsApp now shares with Facebook not van to be a novelty not expected, because actually, when we accept the new political of use and privacy of WhatsApp are accepting that WhatsApp can share them data with the family of companies of Facebook. The objective, improving those services that offer. That is what we are told, although it is not as much information.

We now have more information about the data that WhatsApp is sharing with Facebook. Specifically, is is of our number of phone mobile, with which have enabled our has of WhatsApp, and the last time that we connect to the application of messaging. Probably with the first element Facebook want to get connect accounts of the network social with accounts of WhatsApp, to relate them and thus to have more data on them users. With respect to the last time that we connect to the messaging app, probably the aim is our habits using the smartphone. If you know when often use WhatsApp, may know at what times the advertising can be more effective, for example, and that way offer an advertisement that could not sell, for example, Google, by not having all WhatsApp user base, or the data of users of this application.

WhatsApp Logo Portada

At the moment, these are two data WhatsApp will share with Facebook, so really not affects us too. Yes, it is true that we will have an advertisement that will be more in line with us, but it is also true that that does not have to be particularly negative, but rather to the contrary.

Also is true that WhatsApp has returned to influence in that nobody reads them talks of them users, nor WhatsApp, or Facebook, or any other company. Thus think that although they will share data between WhatsApp and Facebook users, they will not be own conversations, by the way, van encrypted from end to end and, in principle, it is not possible that WhatsApp can access them.

In any case, it seemed logical that sooner or later this was going to happen. Facebook spent much money in an application like WhatsApp, while he already had a widely used messaging application, as it is Facebook Messenger. Know that is important get to those users, and its platform advertising is profitable, much more than the of Twitter. Indeed, the data of them users are them unique that can give money to a company as Facebook, to the sell the advertising that can be more according with those users. It is an advertisement for a non-Google profile, and that is the only thing giving Facebook a plus with respect to Google advertising. Great payout that made Facebook on WhatsApp had at some point to generate profits in any way, and seems at least Facebook will use WhatsApp to determine when to use the smartphone and when we use the application, and thus know when provide us advertising which may have better results. It is the price we pay for use services like Facebook or WhatsApp. Obviously, so are free, is have that profitable of any form, the advertising is the only form of get it, and our data are them only with which can get that that advertising is profitable for them advertisers.

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