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WhatsApp Android video calling now available

They first came to Windows 10 Mobile, then to the beta of iOS and finally, after long months of waiting, the WhatsApp Android video calls are now available to all users who have installed in your smartphone the beta version of the application. If you don’t have it discharged do not despair since below you say how to get WhatsApp beta.

Responsible for the application of instant messaging for excellence have just expected function to the application code. This means that you can do use the WhatsApp Android video calls, but not in the version of the application that everyone can find at Google Play Store. To be able to enjoy them need count with the beta of WhatsApp.

To download it and install it in your terminal not have that root the terminal nor do juggling with the system operating. You must simply enter this link and become a tester of the instant messaging application, thus having access to all the news about the app until they are released in the final version. One of these innovations that you can try before anyone else are the WhatsApp Android video calls.

However if not like participate of the beta public of WhatsApp, always can wait some days to the expected function reaches to the version official of WhatsApp in Google Play Store, which not should delay is many days.

Operation of video calling on Android WhatsApp

Pressing this button in the application, since a dedicated the video calls on Android WhatsAppown button is not yet available, will be displayed 2 options: voice calls or video calls. While the call of voice already leads available in the application much time, the new feature will allow maintain a videochat with our contacts.

videollamadas whatsapp

In the time of perform or receive a video call in WhatsApp us find with a screen as this, in which can accept the same, reject it, change the camera with which want to issue, respond with a message or mute the audio of the video. At the time of having a video call also lost a new icon appears in the call log.

The quality of the video relay is more than acceptable for an instant messaging application. We cannot expect a quality 4K, but it is very similar to that we can enjoy in other apps such as Google Duo or Hangouts.

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