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What’s new with Google Maps: Play Store, first download trial version

A number of new features arrive in the application Google Maps , one of the most interesting of the Mountain View company by using both the amount of maps offered as a browser (turn turn) which includes. On the one hand, has been known that there is a trial version on Play Store in which it is possible to register. And, in addition, that the first download, version 9.27, it is possible to install it manually.

In the first case, in test, in-store release Play Store for Android has been enabled (link) somewhere that you can register and download you need to try the innovations that are being made to improve Google Maps. I.e., that works similarly to the WhatsApp.

Acceso a la versión de prueba de Google Maps

What is being sought is whether implementations are valid both for usability as in what refers to the stability with the use by testers. This, on the one hand has the upside of meet new inclusions prior to arrival in the official version, but on the other hand if one does not work properly, the resulting instability the “you will taste”. The case is simply using the above link, and giving your user’s Gmail – if you are asked – you will receive a confirmation email to begin with the use of the Google Maps beta.

The first version of test

As if it did not have to wait long to take the first available download, which is the version 9.27 Google maps. One of the more interesting new features included is the arrival of new notifications to the development, some of them specific to the moment in which you are using navigation turn-by-turn (also included which encourage rating a place who are going to give you more use to Local Guides).

Notificaciones de prueba en Google Maps
Nuevas opciones en la versión de prueba de Google Maps

Aside, it also improves the load time of development in the smart watches with Android Wear , where the home that shows it takes less screen removed already, logo varies by one more complex and attractive. This, perhaps, is a sign that the “splash screen” for phone and tablets, will also receive this change.

Pantalla de inicio en Google Maps para Android Wear

If you want to know the trial version with a manual of Google Maps, installation at this link you can get the corresponding APK that’s installed regularly if you use this type of files (by enabling the unknown sources and following the steps that appear on the screen). Other applications for Google’s operating system can meet them in this section of Android support.

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