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What’s new with Apple Music 2.0 for Android inspired by iOS 10

Apple Music, music for Cupertino devices service, just updating your application for Android to Apple Music 2.0 version. The new version for the Google will have the same design and appearance that already looks for months in iOS. The application will be displayed now tidier, with more features and will be virtually identical in appearance than the current version for iOS 10.

Version 2.0 of Apple Music allows Google users to access areas such as ‘Radio’, ‘Browse’, ‘Library’ or ‘for you’, among others.  The application also allows also read some lyrics directly from the playback window while they are playing, as it already does in the iOS version.

The sections have been redesigned. To access the ‘Library’section, the user will find different categories: Playlists, Albums, artists, songs, or downloaded music. Since these categories you can directly access the archived without having to search content. Under them, also displayed the latest songs added to the library of every one.

Apple Music actualiza su versión Android

From the section ‘Library’ of Apple Music can access over 40 million available songs that will listen or offline. If lack of your favorite songs in the service of Apple can also add own music and then download to listen from anywhere without being connected to the Internet.

Between the sections you can find also ‘Radio’, which may be listening to stations of any gender or tune the programs broadcast on Beats 1, the radius of the Cupertino. Another of the new additions to the Android version is ‘for you ‘. It is a section in which the service will provide recommendations of albums, songs, and playlists based on the music that you like.

You can discover new music or playlists already generated by the system through the paragraph ‘Explore’, where you will find songs chosen and adapted depending on the mood or activity you want to perform.

Apple Music on Android

Apple Music came to Android in November, 2015 with a version dedicated to Google’s operating system and not by making a copy of the created for iOS. Since then, Apple Music downloaded has more than 10 million times for Android devices, according to the figures which can be found at the Google app store.

Apple is still struggling to become leader of its music streaming service but is not an easy task. Spotify continues to head with more than 50 million subscribers in its service while Apple, according to figures from only a few months ago, he has more than 20 million subscribers. Improving on Android, the operating system most widely used in the world, can be one of the most successful steps in the strategy to conquer the market.

Apple service can try free for three months for new users. After this time, the individual subscription is priced at 9.99 euros a month for access to the catalog, no matter if you access it from an Android device or from an Apple device.

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