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What we hope from this IFA 2016?

The IFA is already here. In general, the Berlin fair tends to be one of the most important of the year in the world of smartphones. But has lost something of relevance, earning it the Mobile World Congress. At this time, many companies decide to perform an independent release that does not have to do with the event of the German city. However, the truth is that IFA 2016 be held and that we expect some great releases in the event. This is all what you can expect.

Samsung Gear S3

It seems that Samsung will have something of prominence in the IFA 2016 of Berlin. Not be for its smartphones. The large mobile of the company already have been released, by what these not will be actors there. However, that the new smart watch company could have prominence. Although it seems that the war for smart watches will be here a year or a year and a half, the truth is that companies have to be the day throwing watches with more news, and Samsung must compete with Apple Watch 2, which is expected before the end of this year. Will be an of them stars of the IFA-2016.

Samsung Gear S2 Portada

More watches with Android Wear

And it seems that not will be the only clock smart of the event. Without having clear still clocks which could launch and which are not, does seem clear that they should throw some with Android Wear. The Samsung is by Tizen of Apple by its watchOS. All others opt for Android Wear, but it does lack that already reaches a new generation of watches. Lenovo could renew the bike 360. Huawei seems that it could also launch a new clock. ASUS could even throw a 3 ZenWatch with a circular rather than square as in the last screen. And not would be rare that Sony also could throw some clock, since the year last not launched any watch smart with Android Wear, while, in my opinion, was one of them more interesting, the Sony SmartWatch 2. We will see if there are Sony SmartWatch 3 or not.

Sony Xperia X Compact

Sony not is going for a great year. Announced in the first half of the year the new Sony Xperia X, but its arrival on the market is has been delaying, quite a few months after the presentation. For its part, could become a new smartphone family, the Sony Xperia X Compact, as well as any other variant of the flagship. We’ll see what level are these smartphones, and what mobile want to compete.

And that is everything you hope to see in this IFA 2016 that it aspires to be more decaf than in previous years. We will see if there are any surprises, or any Android product that is something innovative, that if not will have to wait longer to release the iPhone, and the new phones from Google that will occur on September 7 in the case of the mobile phone from Apple, and probably already in October in the case of the moving of the Mountain View company.

A event that this year goes to leave a taste something bittersweet because almost no company it has chosen to make a great release. All have decided to opt for a separate release another day of the month of September or on similar dates, and we have an event that was once quite prominent, especially by the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note of each year, and that this 2016 will count with the presence of the smartphone but only in exhibition, since it was already presented at the beginning of this month. Whatever it is, may be somewhat surprising, or perhaps the great opportunity to know some Android product that does not see his limelight stolen by the launch of large devices.

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