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What is the ideal level to have a healthy battery?

There are some beliefs around the batteries of smartphones that are completely erroneous and false. For example, many users think that the ideal is to perform complete charging cycles. I.e., allow the battery pack to 0%, and then load it to 100%. In fact, this not only belief is not true, but it could not be more wrong. And we going to explain here.

The battery suffers at the ends

In fact, it is a logical question. In the end, the battery suffers a lot. I.e. in 0%, and 100%, energy efficiency will not be the best. That’s what many users think, is exhausting the battery then load it to the maximum, is a mistake. It is not, nor much less as well. How much more time away from the ends, the better this battery. How then can get this?

USB Type-C

Between 30% and 70%

Ideally, theoretically, would be that the battery was always at levels between 30% and 70%. In this way, we would be getting that the battery life was the most possible high. Speaking of between 20% and 80% is not talk about something wrong. However, the big problem comes when we really want to get our smartphone is in these levels, something that nothing simple is not. Usually we want mobile to be 100% when we leave home, so we have all possible autonomy. It is easier to load the mobile when reaches 30%, but only if we always have the possibility of having a charger close, something that is not always possible. If we are of those who do exhaust the battery almost at the maximum, then this will be impossible.

However, with this in mind, already we can know easily what is best if we want that the battery life is maximized. More than 30%, and less than 70%. It will be impossible to ever be in this range, but whenever possible, we will be contributing to avoid having to replace the power of our mobile unit before replacing it with a new one.

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