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What is the best material for your mobile? Aluminum, plastic, titanium…

Today there are mobile phones in all colors. However, there are some materials that are having more success than others. And these are now those materials more used in smartphones. What is best?


Plastic stands out as the material less premium. Is it that we have seen in more mobile. It is also the most easily can be seen in different colors. Is more cheap, and therefore the moving of plastic are less expensive. At the same time, that makes damage it less relevant. And it is also easier to replace the covers. All this should add that plastic shock-absorbing well, so it is a good choice in this case. It is clear, nor much less has no finish that have other materials, and can even split.

Moto G4 Portada


Over time it has become a classic in the world of smartphones. We have seen aluminium in mobile high level of all manufacturers. Which is why it is a great choice and usually a symbol of quality. The moving of aluminum are of quality premium, although this material has had some problems. Being a metal, it generates the effect Faraday cage, isolating the inside outside mobile, and generating coverage problems. For this the antennas are on the outside of the phone. In addition to this, one of the problems of aluminum is that once received an impact, absorbs the blow, but deforms permanently.

Huawei P9

Aluminum alloy

Alloys are the form in which the mobile manufacturers economic have managed to make their mobile’s basic range look smartphones with metallic design, when in reality it is not. It is clearly perceived that it is an alloy with low aluminium and much plastic when outdoor antennas are not present, so the Faraday cage effect is generated. It has advantages. It looks like metal, but it is not. A priori, it is the best of the two materials. But no one likes something look like a diamond and is not more than a glass, isn’t it?

Elephone S7


Speaking of glass, this latest material also has become a favorite of the manufacturers. It offers a very premium finish. Perhaps even better than aluminium. However, it has a basic problem, and it’s relatively easy to break it. And once it breaks, it is not a small brand, but it breaks into a thousand pieces. That is a problem, so these mobile should be more care.

Meizu Pro 7


This has been one of the recent approaches that we have seen in the world of smartphones. Titanium is a metal. The main advantage of this material with respect to others is the high resistance that has. In principle, without even being painted, it is able to withstand scratches and shock better than any other metal. Clear that working with him is more difficult and more expensive. Even so, Meizu Pro 7 could have a design of titanium.

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