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What are auto-clic ads? Google withdrew more than 23,000 in 2016

The number of person who access the Internet via mobile and Tablet grows every day as the foam. Unfortunately, it also makes ads that try to trick users. Among the most damaging are ads Adsense auto-clic. Google withdrew more than 23,000 pieces of this advertising of its AdSense platform in 2016. We explain what consistes so you don’t fall into the trap.

Google is constantly removing bad ads and putting new filters in place to try to rid the Internet of such ads. The user is helpless before these bad practices and the distrust that produces not agrees to the companies that bet by AdSense to offer their products. And what most worries are called announcements auto-clic.

What are the auto-clic in mobile ads?

Surely once you’ve encountered this kind of ads. If you are browsing a website and you’ve suddenly appeared in Play Store to an application that you don’t know, is likely to have fallen into an ad auto-clic. As its name indicates, this announcement click on itself when it appears and takes you directly to where you want to.

In 2015, Google only found and removed some thousands of these ads in their services. But in 2016, Google has found and disabled more than 23,000 of these ads from auto-clic. The figure is alarming and increasing from year to year are very concerned in the company. This shows that there are more people tried to defraud users through mobile devices, pushing them hopelessly towards websites without your consent.

The company on his blog does not offer no concrete reason for the emergence of this type of malicious ads. Not clarified if in the future it could stop the increase of these AdSense ads. But, what can we do to these announcements?

If you find yourself with this type of activity on a web site for mobile devices, you can go to Google AdSense page to report a violation of its policies. You have to fill in a form with data on which ad type and where you found it, in addition to your data. The truth couldn’t be simpler, but even if we recommend you try it, especially if it is on your own website in which there are those ads.

Types of misleading advertising on Google

Report 2016 of faulty Google ads as a whole is worth reading it if you are interested in this topic. Altogether, the company has had about 1,700 million deleted ad on all its platforms and services. This is more than double the amount of 2015.

Other types of deceptive advertising against which it fights Google are advertisements that offer easy credit in one day. In English they are known as payday loan ads and it is also in its Adsense advertising network. From July 2016, Google has eliminated more than 5 million of ads of easy credit in one day.

anuncio engañoso Google

Another example of prohibited ads are called trick to click. You also know them. They are ads that appear as a warning that your system is under attack or need an imminent update. It is a gateway to malware in mobile and PC. Google says that got rid of 112 million of such ads in 2016, more than six times the amount that found in 2015.

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