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We can install TWRP in the Samsung Galaxy + S8

TWRP is one of the most useful tools that you will find the Samsung Galaxy S8 + users who want to customize your smartphone. It can be used to change the ROM of the phone, as well as for backup. Whatever it is, we can install TWRP in the Samsung Galaxy + S8, and all this while the new smartphone is not yet available.

TWRP for the Samsung Galaxy + S8

If you have a Samsung Galaxy + S8 this news will interest you much. Well, actually, the truth is that you can not get the phone yet, to what you probably do not have it. However, maybe if you’re a user who has already booked and awaiting receive it the 27th this year, or even that you’re interested in buying it. If so, and you are also users who like rooting your smartphone, and install modifications and customizations, then want to know to TWRP is now available for the Samsung Galaxy + S8.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Colores

Not for everyone, it is in fact only available for the version with Exynos, which is the version that will be available in Europe. In addition, talk about the Galaxy + S8 version, featuring large-format screen, because the smartphone with standard screen has not even TWRP. That means that we have not yet a recovery for this version menu.

In reality, it is a curious thing, because usually the Recovery menu soon so little release for the different mobile, and in this case, has even before the own smartphone.

Whatever it is, it will be good news for users, which now observed the great advantage of buying a mobile so marketed, and which generally tend to reach more upgrades of software and customizations so sold mobile phones and that many users have.

The article can already install TWRP in the Samsung Galaxy + S8 was published in AndroidAyuda.

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