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We begin to know the news of Android or

Android is the new version of the operating system. It will probably be presented at the upcoming Google I/O 2017. But the most important is that we already know some of the features that would be Android or. To begin, the key of the new system operating will be the intelligence.

First news of Android or

So far, we do not know almost any feature of Android O. He had spoken of his name. As well as also of the numbering with which would count. But we didn’t let any of the innovations that reach the operating system in what it has to do with their functions. However, now we know some of the characteristics that we will see in the new version of the operating system. Specifically, are three the news good that now we have heard speak.

Android 8.0 Oreo

  • Goodbye to the copy and paste: copy and paste was an of the first functions that those users asked when is launched which can be considered as the first phone smart of the market, the iPhone. This mobile not was capable of copying and pasting a fragment of text. Today this is possible in any smartphone. However it seems that Google wants to finish with that in the new version of the system operating. Want to say goodbye to the copy and paste. This is achieved because always would have available the information that have gone using recently in our mobile. For example, if have State talking about go to a restaurant determined, not have that copy the name of the restaurant. This information it will have available in way automatic. Not become clear how will operate this new feature.
  • Use intelligent of the text: also the new version also will be capable of identify dates, numbers of phone, or addresses of mail electronic, so not is necessary copy them, but directly the mobile us offers an option to use these references. Could be the implementation of calls or of email.
  • Run applications by gestures: no is a function very novel. What we have seen before in other mobile. But it seems that Google it wants to include of series in its system operating. It is of the possibility of run applications or actions, drawing a gesture in screen. For example, draw the letter C could open the application of contacts.

Of time these are the three characteristics that know of all the news that could arrive with Android or. The new version is present in the Google I/O 2017, although not would be available until the month of September or October of this year.

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