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We already know how would be the returned Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will return to the market as the company confirmed officially. However, the mobile will be a refurbished version of which was launched originally, solving the problem with a battery that produced fire which led to the withdrawal of the mobile market. Now we know what this new Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

A lower capacity battery

Rumors told that this new version of the phone could have a lower capacity battery. The great problem of the previous phone was a combination between the smartphone design, and battery, which was exploited by the. The solution has been to free up space on the phone with a lower capacity battery. Specifically, we would spend the 3500 mAh who had originally, the mobile to the 3,200 mAh that would have conditioned the smartphone area this new version.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Blue Coral

A new but old Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The smartphone from the company wouldn’t, at least until half a year later, and has already launched the new ship logo, the S8 Galaxy, so it is not much less a mobile so interesting as in the second half of last year, a moment in which the smartphone was one of the best in the market. Still, it will remain a good smartphone, and your price will be crucial to see whether it is interesting or not. Finally and after all, it is still a mobile phone from Samsung, with a great design. A flagship with a good camera, a large screen, and a S-pen pointer It is likely that the mobile is not even cheap despite being a refurbished version.

In my opinion, the mobile could succeed long if distributed as a device (rental) renting equipment for enterprises, in big games, to be a very good smartphone, but not be the last generation. This type of distribution is one who shuffles Samsung, but still will have to wait a bit. It must be said, a mobile phone that was released a few months ago, that only has a lower capacity battery, is still one of the best smartphones on the market.

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