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Use Gmail to send and borrow money from your friends

Gmail is one of those essential applications to any user of Android, and even for those who have an iPhone. It is one of the best email services we have available. However, the addition of a new function is now confirmed. You can use Gmail to send and receive money from friends.

Send and receive money from Gmail

It is not a novelty to which is possible to send money or borrow money from our friends, by means of an application. This is ideal for when we went to eat with friends and we’ve paid the account, or when we have made a gift and we want that every one will give us its part. There are several apps available for this, right? As well, now we won’t have to resort to any of them, because it will now be possible to borrow money from friends or send it directly from Gmail. It will be as easy as a file is attached. In fact, it will be the same, because what we are attaching is a request for money, or a money transfer.

Gmail Portada

Since Gmail we can withdraw the money received directly to our bank account, and if it is sending money, we make shipment through a credit or debit card.

In principle, the operation is exactly the same of other applications that we had available for sending and receiving money, but with a difference. Gmail is an application that comes embedded in our smart phone with Android, and won’t need any other app to solicit money or send it.

That Yes, as you might expect, this new function available only at the moment in United States. It will be compatible with the Android version and the version of Gmail web. However, we hope that it will soon reach Spain. At the end, and after all, if there are similar to running in Spain services, there should be much complication to get this new feature here.

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