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UpToDown launches an official app with their alternative to Google Play store

They always say that out of Google Play is not a good idea, but there are also exceptions. Some applications like Uptodown repositories have earned over time its prestige and now have just announced that we will be able to install a app official to lower their applications.

Uptodown has released one of the best alternatives to Google Play. It is not that it wasn’t already available but that spoken of that it has released an official app that we can install to get off and enjoy nearly 4 million apps and safely.


At this time, it is one of the most popular download websites and offers both users and developers an alternative to Google Play to download shop applications. In it, in addition, also is managed the arrival of updates to applications so be installed transparently on the phones of users. At the same time, are filtered automatically catalog of applications to always show only those that can download and install on the computers of the users.

How to install the app in Uptodown?

So as you can imagine, you can not find the official app from Uptodown in Google Play, it’s like let the enemy at home. To download and install it, you have to enter this link. Installation is free, safe and, above all, does not interfere with other Google services that you have installed. I.e., we will not have problems to continue using Google Play or others.

In fact, Awasu is not the first alternative to Google Play store that we can trust. Without going any further, Samsung has its own repository of applications, Samsung Apps, for their terminals Amazon also has an application in which, in addition, there are numerous promotions throughout the year and allows you to download everything you want thanks to Amazon Underground.

The truth is that the appearance of a repository as important as Uptodown as app Android more expands the range of posibildiades to find apps that are interesting and, above all, safely.

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