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Update your Samsung Galaxy S6 Android 7.0 Nougat with Lineage OS 14.1

Not so long ago talked about bad news for users of the Samsung Galaxy S6. It seems that the official update is delayed Android 7.0 for this smart phone. However, it is possible to update your Samsung Galaxy S6 Android 7.0 thanks to Lineage OS 14.1.

Update your Samsung Galaxy S6

A great disappointment was for the Samsung Galaxy S6 users know your Smartphone would not receive update Android 7.0 as soon due to software problems. The official update is delayed and now we don’t have definite release date for this new version of the firmware. Even so, that does not mean there are no options to install the new version of the operating system on the Samsung Galaxy S6. In fact, just start the availability that so far is one of the most outstanding software customized within the Android, Lineage OS landscape. The version 14.1 of this ROM is now available in its Alpha Variant. Has still some defects by polishing, and will produce some errors in what has that see with them functions of flashlight and camera in some applications. However this will be solved with the passage of time.

Lineage OS

14.1 OS lineage

What begins to be clear is that Lineage you 14.1 is has become in the best option for them users that want to install a software different to the original in your phone intelligent. And that confirms that there has been a successful transition from the Custom ROM that was once the most relevant in the Android, CyanogenMod panorama. Probably, Lineage you is the ROM more updated available for a greater quantity of smartphones, what already it becomes in the best option for the user that is looking for a form of update your mobile and that not has with a version official of the system operating updated.

This is reflected clearly the case of the Samsung Galaxy S6, which has been delayed his official update, but also in the case of many Smartphones already not even waiting to upgrade to the new version.

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