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Understanding rapid charging, for which never load at a constant speed?

They call it fast loading. Theoretically, and according to this designation, fast charging should be a burden that runs at a higher than normal speed, right? But even so, the funny thing is that compatible with technologies of fast charging batteries do not always load at constant speed. And we are going to explain this a bit more.

They are not charged at constant speed

If it is called fast-charging it is obvious that it is because the loading speed is higher for these batteries compatible with this technology which in the case of batteries that do not have load fast. However, as it is said, it is interesting that they are never charged at a constant speed. How is this possible? Well, first of all, let’s get in the situation. Surely you’ve heard that a certain mobile is capable of loading 70% battery in 30 minutes, or things like that. Sometimes maybe you have heard 50% of the battery in 20 minutes. And the reasoning could be simple. If is a 50% in 20 minutes, a 100% in 40 minutes, not? Why do not they say you so?

USB Type-C

Maybe because it isn’t as well. In fact, fast charging is never constant. In different phases of the battery this is loaded to a speed higher, but never of form constant.¬†During the first battery percentage, a top-load power is reached. But towards the final percentage of the battery, the power of low load, something which is logical, since it is to avoid possible problems in the mobile, and even explosions. Even in the case that the battery is well designed and there are no explosions or start to burn, use a very high load power is still dangerous, as they can damage the battery in an important way.

So, there is that understand that it load fast not always goes to a speed constant, and by that us will find with figures so strange as a 50% in 20 minutes, because actually in the last percentage is loses power, and those are data that are best not publish if what is wants to reflect is the speed that can reach the load.

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