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Umidigi Z Pro comes to compete with LG G6 and company

The shift from large manufacturers to introduce its mobile high-end has passed. LG, Sony, Motorola, and Nokia, all have been able to present their great smartphones. But it is the turn of lesser-known manufacturers. Get a smartphone that could perfectly compete with the large market, the Z Pro Umidigi.

Umidigi Z Pro

I might not sound to some of nothing Umidigi Z Pro. Perhaps it sounds you more the Z UMi. And it is that Umidigi is the new name that used the company to their smartphones, and that will continue to use with the passage of time. The Umidigi Z Pro is the new smartphone coming to become an improved version of the previous Z UMi. Mobile is especially notable for being the first Smartphone to integrate processor MediaTek helium 27 X ten-core and new generation, capable of reaching a 2.6 GHz clock frequency. In addition to this, also includes a 5.5 inch screen with a resolution Full HD 1920 x 1080 pixels. It does not to be Quad HD, but the truth is that this is not so relevant considering the rest of the technical features of this smart phone.

Umidigi Z Pro

And it is that this Umidigi Z Pro also has a 4 GB RAM and an internal memory of 32 GB, which may be extended by means of a up to 256 GB memory card.

Sony dual camera

However, if there is anything in this smartphone, that is dual camera available. It is a dual camera with two 13 megapixel Sony sensor. One of them is monochrome, so it follows the same path as Huawei in regards to mobile phones with dual camera. In addition, the front camera is also high quality, because integrates a Samsung sensor with a 13 megapixel resolution. And all of this without forgetting some multimedia aspects more, as in the case of the Hi-Fi chip with high quality sound including the smartphone.

Umidigi Z Pro

Umidigi Z Pro it will come in March. The capacity of the battery of this smart phone is 3,780 mah. And the price that would have would be about $330, so it will be a smartphone of high range, with a somewhat smaller than the equivalent mobile price, but still not much less of a mobile cheap.

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