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Ulefone Power 2 will arrive with the triple 7 iPhone battery

Many times we consider if it’s really interesting to buy an iPhone 7. It is a good quality mobile, but it also has a very expensive price. And we can get moving more economic with similar features, and in some cases better, as it is the case of this Ulefone Power 2. If we are looking for a mobile phone with a large autonomy, Ulefone Power 2 might be the best option, with a battery that triples to the iPhone 7.

Ulefone Power 2

This Ulefone Power 2, whose technical characteristics still not been confirmed in full since the main features of this mobile is presented. As it is logical by name, something so it will highlight the smartphone will be your battery. And it is to be nothing less than 6,050 mAhcapacity. This means that with this battery’s capacity will be tripling to 7 iPhone battery. It is most remarkable, because up to mobile phones with more battery market usually have a some 4,000 mAh battery, but no more. Obviously, this will result in a very high autonomy for your Smartphone, so you can use it for many hours, and even days, without having to load it.

In regards to the rest of the technical features of this Ulefone Power 2, we will find a mobile that will feature a memory RAM of 4 GB, and with Android 7.0 Nougat as a version of the operating system. At the moment, do not know anything else, although they are of itself noteworthy features.

If Ulefone want mobile to have the maximum possible autonomy, your screen will not exceed 5.5 inches. Probably it will not be smaller, because to have a battery of such capacity Mobile will be big. However, the screen will not have higher than the Full HD resolution, both by the fact that the company will want to be a mobile economic as by the fact that a higher resolution screen would consume more battery.

And in regards to your processor, although we don’t know what will be, it wouldn’t be anything weird to go a MediaTek helium P20, a processor with a good performance, but it focuses primarily on the efficiency of energy consumption. Most remarkable, that Yes, will be its price, as we expect to be at 150 euros.

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