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Twyp, the best option now that Yaap has closed

Some spoke of Yaap Money would close even before it is launched in final form. We can call them visionaries or not, but the truth is that the application has failed, and with his failure, the best choice of all right now is Twyp, of ING Direct, but with which we will be able send money between users we Bank that we are.

The great problem of Yaap

Yaap worked fine. It was not very different from Twyp. In fact, the two applications are almost equal. But perhaps the purpose of the application was not becoming an app so that users make payments between them, but become an app of payments between merchants and users. In fact, that is what seems to have made that finally Yaap close. Another version, Yaap Shopping, was addressed to traders, and the goal was that users could pay them through this app, capturing them first with Yaap Money. Clear that users never had to use almost Yaap Shopping, but yes much Yaap Money. Money transfers through an application instead of bank account-to-account transfers which gave commissions to the banks. Taking into account that Yaap investors were LaCaixa, Santander and Telefónica, it is not surprising that the application has been closed.

There was only one option, and is the original release of Yaap had the aim of rival with a future in which payments between users in applications like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp would be a reality. But it seems that it was not so. There is a long-term goal as part of Telefónica, Santander and La Caixa. That, or perhaps do not see that truth may be a payments soon to these platforms. Whatever it is, Yaap has closed. And now, what?

Twyp App

Twyp is the best choice

Because the truth is that the best option is Twyp. It is an initiative of the Bank ING Direct, but can be used as user of any bank. Its operation is almost exactly like Yaap Money, so there will be no problem when using this app with respect to what was to use the previous. However, is the question of whether now the future of Twyp may be resembling the Yaap. If so, all that we can hope is that real platforms such as Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp integrated payments between users, or that arrive with any payment platform style Samsung Pay or Android Pay.

The Twyp article, now Yaap has closed the best choice was published in AndroidAyuda.

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