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Twitter Lite, a 30% faster and 70% less data consumption

Twitter launched Twitter Lite for all those who do not have a good connection to the Internet from mobile phones or do not have sufficient space in your phone’s memory. It is a version of the social network for mobile devices that allows a faster load, savings in data rate and savings also in the phone’s memory, since we must not install any application to check your timeline.

In many countries there are barriers to coverage or mobile networks, which are slower than usual. In addition, many mobile devices with low memory, or outdated are not capable of supporting the weight of some software updates. Why comes Twitter Lite, that occupies only 1 MB, works a 30% faster and allows saving of data of up to the 70% consumption.

The version is now available worldwide. He is not an application that need to be downloaded from the Google Store Play but to be entered through the web version for mobile devices. Just enter mobile.twitter.com from tablet or mobile phone. It can also be a shortcut on the screen of your phone. El direct access will have a similar appearance to any other application installed to access it quickly without having to enter the URL in the browser of the phone.

Introducing Twitter Lite on mobile web! ?

Loads quickly, takes up less space, and is data-friendly. Learn more: https://t.co/Zd825WOdQz pic.twitter.com/l1n0cYJuPc

-Twitter (@Twitter) April 6, 2017


Twitter Lite is a 30% faster than conventional application. The speed has been optimized in this version so that the content loads faster even with slower connections. The content that you may access from Twitter Lite is the same as aocstumbramos to be used from your application on Android: access to the timeline, tweets, direct messages, notifications, trends or user profiles. No detail about the content of the timeline will not be lost since the photographs, videos and GIFs can also be seen from this new Lite version of Twitter.

Less consumption

The new version will not only be faster but it will save data. Twitter Lite includes a saving of data mode for those who do not want to consume your fare viewing images or videos that do not interest you. In this mode will be one view proudly images and videos from the timeline without charge at all. The user will be, you choose what wants to loaded completely and what not, seeing only the really interesting. This function allows reducing up to 70% consumption data through access to Twitter.

Twitter Lite

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