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Twitter closes Vine, which has not survived Instagram

There are that say that Instagram has devoured all the networks social and services similar that have gone coming, to which is launched before this. I came, who became a revolutionary proposal for multimedia content in video and loop, in fact, has just announced its closure by Twitter. Instagram copied them, Instagram survived, but I came not.

I came close

So Twitter has announced. The application/service/network-social / call it – as – you wish to check the closing when users are using it less and less. Initially it was a novelty that liked to users, but over time has gone more and more useless, similar to the point that today was not nearly used, but really complicated life to Twitter in what it had to do with the service and application support. The Vine published so far and they will continue to be available, but you can create new, so it came it left little time to disappear now.


The idea came from Vine

The idea of Vine always was good. Videos in loop with picture and sound, very similar to GIFs which gave to create funny stories. They should be brief. They were revolutionaries in that. It was something that did not offer Instagram, for example. But of course, the social network acquired by Facebook it took very little to respond with a similar function. And not just similar, but that this gave the option that the videos were still longer. It coincided with the Instagram, increasingly used social networking boom. Then came the stories of Instagram, and Twitter no longer has been able to compete with all this. Of course, nor have been able to compete with the simplicity of the GIFs, which are still used, still not having audio.

In the end, it is curious to see how a service that promised, has been devoured by Instagram when these last is limited copy function and add some feature. The base of users who have is what makes any release to succeed. And it is something worthy of analysis, because Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, bring together a vast number of users. They are much more than a social network.

The Twitter article close to Vine, that has not survived Instagram was published in AndroidAyuda.

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