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Turbo League, it copies almost perfect of Rocket League free to mobile

Already is available at last in the store of applications Google Play Store. We talk about the game a few days ago, but now is when it can download and install on our smartphones. It’s Turbo League, nearly perfect copy of Free mobile Rocket League.

Turbo League = Rocket League free to mobile

Say that is a copy perfect not would be realistic. But is a copy… Although we say that simply are have inspired in Rocket League to create this new game, Turbo League, in which all is equal. Is is of play a party of soccer in which have that get goals to the take the ball to the goal counter. However, instead of players of football, what carry is a vehicle, with turbo, capable of jumping, and almost of fly, that can move is by the walls when goes to great speed. Is it a stupid game? That is because not it has played. Those who’ve played Rocket League know how incredibly good it is.

Turbo League

But, would a Rocket League free and for mobile? That is what is Turbo League. Or at least, is what it tries to be. Obviously, when it comes to play in the mobile it loses much in playability compared to play on the computer, but that is more than logical. And more taking in has that will have that play with the controls on the screen. Is a game that is complex of play even with a keyboard, and that there is that master very well with a remote control, by what still more complex is with the mobile. But in any case, all the players are in the same situation.

We can play both individually, as with other players online. Here itself will depend on much of the performance of our mobile and of the connection that have that the game is run of the form correct and accurate.

WP-Appbox: League turbo (+Free, Google Play) →

In addition, it has even any addition regarding Rocket League, as a higher level of customization of vehicles, and of course, the fact that Turbo League is free, and to be available for mobile phones, is a game that can play more users than in versions for PC and PlayStation 4.

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