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Top 5 Android phones of the year for 5 different people profiles

There is no perfect mobile. OK, it is true that it is focus of conversation at dinner and family meals. But we can never determine what the best mobile market. It depends on each person. And here are the 5 Android phones best of the year for 5 different types of person.

1 of always

It’s a classic year after year. That most users want, which most users buy, mobile getting even those users who do not the Samsung like to say that it is a good mobile. This year is the Samsung Galaxy S8. And this year will be unique. As always, there will be detractors. And I would change some of its features. But probably, in general terms, it is the best.

Samsung Galaxy S8

2. the best camera and best screen

Of course, with the sheet in hand, the best of this time would be Sony Xperia XZ Premium. After a year of 2016, in which the company did not release any mobile relevant, this year have come up with one that improves on others. Your camera will be the better, as for that manufacture almost all phones of the world high-end sensors. But your screen also, is 4K. If you have a Sony Xperia XZ Premium no one can tell that it is not the best in these features.

Sony Xperia XZ Premium Lluvia

3. the strange

With this mobile look like a geek to everyone. You can only select it if you wanted to be different from the rest of the world. We talked about Moto Z 2017. Still haven’t filed yet, but it will be modular. The only market that survives being modular. These modules are interesting. But realistically, probably not reach many more mobile compatible with these modules. You’re a geek. But that’s cool.

OnePlus 3 Detalle

4. no need to spend as much

Here comes the wise purchase. The 4 OnePlus. Why spend more if this camera is already captured in RAW. If your performance is on par or is even better. If the screen resolution difference is not detectable. If you have a 4 OnePlus you will never win in a discussion. Not because you have the best mobile, but because you are one of those who will never admit that your mobile phone is actually worse in general.

Google Pixel

5 is really an Android

If you’re computer, change your ROM constantly, or you are simply true of Android, you buy the Google Pixel 2. It has good features. They are no longer so cheap, but they continue to be the release of the Nexus. It is the closest thing to an iPhone but with Android, which in turn makes it more different from the iPhone that there is mobile. Finally, a unique mobile.

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