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Tommy Hilfiger and Hugo Boss will launch Apple Watch Android Wear 2.0 rivals

He Apple Watch is in this moment the watch smart with more success in the market. The opposite can say with Android Wear smart watches. However, new brands will soon arrive with watches with Android as an operating system. Brands of high level in the world of fashion. Will be the case of Tommy Hilfiger and Hugo Boss.

Tommy Hilfiger and Hugo Boss with Android Wear 2.0

Smart Watches not just succeed in the market. Even in the case of the Apple Watch, can say that nor has been a watch smart that is has sold in great quantity. Even so, Android Wear is taking it much more complicated to have some presence in the market of smart watches. In fact their numbers of sales the first version of the system operating were disappointing. This has made some large manufacturers in this market as in the case of Motorola have decided to withdraw from this market and not throwing more smart watches for the moment.

Android Wear

That is bad news for Android Wear. However lately many brands of the fashion world are deciding to launch their own smart watches. And the choice for the operating system in the case of almost all being Android Wear.

The last cases will be two of the most important brands in the world of fashion, Tommy Hilfiger and Hugo Boss. Both brands belong to the Group Movado, who has already confirmed that it will launch new Android 2.0 Wear smart watches before the end of the year 2017. In particular, it seems that it will be in the fall when these new smart watches will be launched, and will be branded as the aforementioned Tommy Hilfiger and Hugo Boss.

It seems the price of these watches smart will be around 500 euros. And of course, they will highlight more by their appearance and appearance than by the technology that will be. We take into account that they will be sold as fashion rather than technological accessories.

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