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Tired of Instagram? Thus you can deactivate your account

The social network Instagram has many virtues, allowing it to share moments only in images with contacts that have (and know the other users). But it is possible to temporarily, for any reason, you want to disable this – but not give it low since you are planning to return in some time-. We tell you how to achieve this without too many complications.

The truth is that this option is perfectly included in the options offered Instagram, but not many know how to get this. The case, is to make everything as simple as possible, ideally to be used a computer to deactivate your account, which has effect also on the Android device you have. Everything is completely safe.

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By the way, that the type of equipment to be used the same da be one with Windows or Mac, since it is the since the browser that you use on a regular basis, from where you can take all the steps (and, also, it is indifferent to des use Chrome or Firefox, so in this respect there is no limitation).

Android Instagram

Simple steps

The first thing you have to do is to use this link, which you enter in the social network Instagram – giving use your username and password-. That do you from the browser, and now, in the upper right part you have to click on an icon that has a drawing that represents conceptual person.

Opciones de la cuenta de Instagram

Opens another window in which your account information, it looks like for example the images that you’ve shared. Now, what you have to do is click on the top button called Edit profile. Already are in the options of management and must go to the part lower, where there is a link that is called disable my has temporarily. On the screen which can be accessed there is a pop-up in which you must indicate the reason why you want to deactivate the account of Instagram, uses which best suits your needs.

Opciones para desactivar la cuenta de Instagram

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Fact this, will be asked to introduce the password and, then, the color called red button can be pressed Temporarily disable the account . You’ve finished (if you wish to activate it again, simply must Access Instagram with your username and password to get it, so simple). Other tutorials you can find in this section of Android support.

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