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Tip: optimize searches for contacts in Google Allo

An of the options that less are optimized in Google Allo , and therefore it is likely to be improved in future updates, is the search for contacts which have installed the development. As well, there is a small trick available that makes that all is much more simple and, therefore, optimal. You you have.

The truth is that if the process is carried out on a regular basis, which is logical, it is discovered that the list that appears is anything less intuitive at the time of deciphering who has installed Google Allo in its terminal Mobile-regardless of the system operating that use-. As well, a tool included in the own development is possible to improve the results in the searches.

Download and install Google Allo, the new rival of WhatsApp

Of this shape, it saves the corresponding notice that appears of sending a request installation if you try to send a message to a person who does not have the application installed. This, on the one hand, does it lose waiting time and, on the other hand, avoided the corresponding reception that the contact does not have desire to receive.

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Very simple and surprising

Well, if you already have Google installed Allo, what you have to do is what given below. And, as you will see, is not nothing complex… both so surprising that it is not offered by default the corresponding separation or form view without having to resort to this trick:

  • Open the application and click the icon of start of a conversation, of blue color in the bottom apart right side of the screen
  • Now, you will see the list of contacts that, as have indicated, not has an order especially well made and, in addition, is little intuitive at the time of know who has installed Google Allo

Conversaciones en la aplicación Google Allo
Conversación de incógnito en Google Allo

  • To refine the search of form automatic, select the option called start a chat of incognito. Now you will see a dark screen and only those who have installed the development
  • Begins the conversation and, then, already can exit and use of form routine with the contact in question that has Google Allo

Laps with the privacy of Google Allo, what is happening?

Other tricks for Google’s operating system can find them in this section of Android support, where there are all options which are useful.

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