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Three websites that download striking sounds for your Android

It is possible that you’re tired sound notifications or call alert that you have in your terminal Android . If so, the ideal is to replace it with one that catches your attention and makes you fun you know – and which also allows that it is unmistakable that is your terminal which is sounding-. We offer you three options where to get bright and quality content.

A good detail of the web that we reference is that the discharge of what there is in them is completely free, so try each of the sounds – in formats so recognizable as WAV or MP3 – no problem whatsoever both by the simplicity that this offers such as the expenditure involved. Therefore, test and try is the best choice.

Familia Android

The selected websites

To continue to leave the link for each one of the pages where they are content that we feel sure that they fit with what you are looking for and, in addition, a brief explanation of what you’ll find in each of the cases. By the way, that the installation on the Android device you have depends on the model in question, but it is normal that you have to use the settings system or, failing that, an application of playing music for this purpose. These are possibilities that we recommend:


Here you will find a very spacious characteristic sound file of the most popular games . Mario, Sonic, or the most current for mobile devices (like Angry Birds) are all present. Simple download and location of each track. A great way of being different from all over the world. Its interface isn’t exactly your best detail.

Web VGMusic


Yes, NASA has a place in which it is possible to download sounds from the missions which sent them into space, manned or not. Conversations, actions where he notices that you are outside the Earth’s atmosphere and, even, some sounds that appears that you’re watching Star Trek. Good design and, Yes, some of the existing tracks are rather long and it is cut into the point where is what catches your attention. A little-known option, but that is really striking.


The Sound Archive

Here the lovers of films and series have a reef. There are more websites with such options, but the database containing this is very interesting, and in addition, the navigation is really intuitive. Allows you to download files in several formats, and must not lose the Space Ball of truth that are fantastic options.

Web The Sound Archive

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