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Three tricks to take advantage of the maximum Google photos

One of the most interesting developments that the company that created the company that created Android offers is Google photos . This work offers a lot of options which I have already spoken on occasion and, best of all, is that they do not let add new ones constantly (and also to solve possible problems). As well, we will indicate some options that allow you to take full advantage.

All that we provide are specific to Google photos, so it is not necessary to install additional application any and, therefore, to give them you can use at all times. Also they are not especially complicated, and are therefore perfect to good use takes you’ll make these holidays that surely are many. And, in some cases, it will make you look like an expert.

Logotipo de Google Fotos

Tricks for Google photos

The first possibility has to do with the Organization of photos that are made, it is something very interesting that as we have said, we are sure that the number of them that are made now that it’s summer there are many.  Recommendation is to activate the geolocation on your terminal, since in this way to make searches this takes into account and is possible to install filters with this data.

Aside, it is important that data of the image contains both the hour and the date in which it was made, since this is also the Organization favored , and not searches. By the way, if these data are not included, can do so in the Edit option of the information section which offers Google photos.

Ubicación activada en Google Fotos

Most striking albums

You should know that there is the possibility of releasing the albums what’s in Google photos and, thus, that when share them give it a different touch. To achieve this, you must simply enter in the section of the application and select the Editsection. It is possible from setting up filters to improve the appearance of a photograph that you have stored.

Asignar portada a álbum en Google Fotos

Permissions for photos

Yes, it is possible that to each contact that must be given permissions to be able to view or edit the images that have Google photos. This allows that don’t have to send anything and from the link that is generated and sent the user receiving the permission access cloud file. This process is in the share menu and the options that appear when the possibilities of this functionality are in.

Opciones para compartir un Álbum en Google Fotos

Other tricks for Google’s operating system can find them in this section of Android support, where there are opportunities beyond Google photos.

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