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Three packs of free icons for Android that you should not miss

Apart from the launcher, there are other ways to change the look that has a device with Google’s operating system, an example is the packs of icons for Android . These are installed easily, and apply them does not offer any complications. We offer three that give a different touch to your phone or tablet this holiday.

All the options we propose are completely free , so make use of them does not imply an additional expenditure and, if they do not like, the uninstallation is not guilty conscience. Separately, the packs of icons for Android that we have selected are downloaded from Play Store, so simplicity is the predominant note to get them. The case is that the attraction is undeniable.

Packs iconos para Android

The packs of icons for Android

Then leave a short description of what each of the three selections we have made offers and, of course, the download link in the Google store. Indeed, running each development asks if you want to use in the operating system, so the implementation is so simple – whenever it offers compatibility with user – interface.


Offers over 660 different icons, so find one that matches your preferences is very simple. With a look very of the eighties, if it catches your attention retro should not try one of the packs of icons for Android that we have chosen. Offers support for up to 10 launchers and the truth is that it is an excellent possibility.

 packs de iconos pixbit

WP-Appbox: PixBit – Icon Pack (Free*, Google Play) →


Is possibly one of the packs of icons for Android market increased compatibility, since it offers support with options as varied as Cyanogen, LG or Samsung. Featuring different themes, more than 750 icons different catalog even by colors. This development even allows you to change the desktop background with creations in the cloud.

Kaip packs de iconos

WP-Appbox: KAIP – Icons (Free*, Google Play) →


Full featured development that stands out due to the large amount of content: over 2,200 icons (some very similar) that fit with high esden display. It even offers QHD wallpapers. Easy to use and with good compatibility, is one of the best options on the market of the packs of icons for Android, since it is more intuitive to find what you are looking for.

 packs de iconos fluxo

WP-Appbox: Fluxo – Icon Pack (Free, Google Play) →

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