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Three Google Allo wizard options that we most liked

A few days ago, we speak of the arrival of the new messaging application of the Mountain View company (even indicate how to download it to proceed to manual installation). The case is one of the best options that offers Google Allo Assistant, offering more powerful possibilities what can be thought of a principle. You indicate the three that most liked us.

The truth is that the Google Wizard Allo is the great differentiator that is included in the development and, therefore, is what most tempting is the time to prove it. And as we have been able to do this for a few days – that were not present many contacts, since the official from Play Store download has been activated on the day of today –, I discussed the three options that have struck us.

Download and install Google Allo, the new rival of WhatsApp

And all them, beyond the operation of the tool without any Internet connection. Obviously the possibilities are heading, but many more than that can be thought. This road has, much to win Google, but others, like for example the configuration options, there are many way to go.

Asistente en Google Allo

The best chance of the wizard of Google Allo

Then let the three possibilities that are worth trying, they know and try the Google Messaging application differential element . The truth is that they are already an outline of everything that may be this tool that, Yes, it is the conditions in part section of privacy in Google Allo.


This is something that surprises, and much, the first time used and obtained a positive response (beyond that own Google Allo Wizard reports that it is capable of recognize images). The case is that you either raising a stored image or taking a photo, it is possible to use apr recognize options – in a manner similar to photos-.

Imágenes en el asistente de Google Allo

And Yes, if anyone has thought about the use of QR codes there are that say that this is possible and, therefore, the utility more than interesting and powerful.


What has been achieved here is to apply the way of working of Inbox to the Allo Google Wizard. The case is that there are the quick answers to specific questions, as for example the time making a location or ability to go out to eat at the place where he is.

Respuestas rápias en el asistente de Googl Allo

This allows you to save time, which is always positive. The effectiveness is high, especially when there is Internet connection, but you can use without this. The case is that this tool is that have used more at the end, since it is easy to use and fairly efficient.

It’s fun

Because the truth is that so and, apart from allowing an interesting management of subscriptions, information provided by Google Allo Wizard when it is asked is so tempting , even in the moment of relax once in a while is giving you use. Whether it’s to learn from, for example, a building or city.

Laps with the privacy of Google Allo, what is happening?

The case is that the Google Wizard Allo does seem to us a good additive, with implications that are not the best, but which allow some hope in this development, especially now that is available in the shop Play Store in our country.

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