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Three apps to take full advantage of Twitter in your Android

If you are one of those who they use much Twitter you might want to explore some additional applications that exist apart from the officer of the company. We offer you three that offer excellent quality and that are compatible with phones and tablets with Androidoperating system. By the way, all these can be downloaded from Play Store.

The truth is that Twitter has become an element that offers many possibilities , beyond own messages that sent so that the people that follow us know what they think or want. The video, for example, is already an indispensable part of this service and all the developments that we have chosen to offer advanced management–and, also, of the images-.


By the number of options and how to use, applications that we propose can be considered some cases appropriate for the more advanced users , but the truth is that with a little time (and we are in summer) will get to know all the possibilities of the work includes. And it is very possible that do not ever use the official Twitter app for this reason.

Selected applications

Then leave the three developments compatible with Twitter and is very simple to download and install, since everything is done from the shop Play Store of Google. As usual we indicate some details that highlights each of them and, of course, the link that you have to use to get them.

Falcon Pro 3

A development that stands out for the organization offering the content columns, what makes it from the most simple to find what they wanted. The design is very attractive, and with different themes, and the speed when viewing messages is a key factor in this development. It is surprising that it does not include a widget.

Aplicación Falcon Pro 3

WP-Appbox: Falcon Pro 3 (Free*, Google Play) →


If you like to work with Twitter notifications, this is the development you are looking for, since the manipulation of these and access the contents with their use is really good. The configuration of what you see on screen is complete, so you adjust what you see at first glance is an option that is present. Its less positive note is its high price compared to other developments in its same segment.

Aplicación Talon para Android

WP-Appbox: Heel for Twitter (€4.43*, Google Play) →


It is long overdue, the application for Twitter that better allows to manage multiple accounts in one place. This can be achieved more quickly than official development, and this for some may be key. It includes a lot of configuration options and your widget is very interesting. Its worst detail is that it is not especially fast.

Aplicación Fenix para Android

WP-Appbox: Phoenix for Twitter (€2.99, Google Play) →

Other applications can find them in this section of Android support, where you can locate options sure they are useful.

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