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This time app is ideal if your mobile account with AMOLED screen

Now that we have the Easter around the corner to applications to know the weather forecast are more topical than ever. And as you know, if we count with an AMOLED display mobile the most interesting is that the interface is as dark as possible, for that that you will not sustain our screen and also to consume less energy. For that reason, there are applications such as that we released today, which are ideal if you have an AMOLED screen on your mobile phone.

They AMOLED screens have many advantages, including the possibility of having some functions as interesting as the Always-On, allowing you to have the screen constantly lit with only some lighted pixels.

Today Weather, the best app of time if you have AMOLED screen

All apps time offer us the same information at the end and at the end, but no doubt there are some factors that as in this case we can serve to tilt us by it. Today Weather case is that to say it somehow is an application friend of AMOLED screens, and the reason you can imagine it. If, indeed, is that it has a theme that allows you to manage the application in a very dark environment that benefits and the life of our screen AMOLED as well as energy consumption phone.

pantalla AMOLED

The interface of this application is completely dark, so as we say is ideal for use with an application of these characteristics. Moreover, this application offers us thousands of beautiful photographs for the climate and the day every time you open the app, so apart from give us the forecast, also set your mobile phone with the colors of the current season. Other information offered by us are UV and air quality indexes, as well as useful data as the current temperature, humidity, visibility, point of dew, atmospheric pressure, wind and speed.

pantalla AMOLED

Catches shows that the interface of the application is ideal for use with an AMOLED screen. As we say all the time apps offer similar details, but only in this case we find a real difference that benefits this type of mobile. AMOLED screens that even though they are not as widespread as the LCD, are already cheaper than these, so it is logical that each time they go spreading more among all ranges of mobile.

WP-Appbox: Today Weather – forecast (Free+, Google Play) →

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