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This Samsung app answers for you when you’re driving

Mobile is the cause of many traffic accidents in all parts of the world. It is caused by neglect to the road to answer a call or reply to a message. Samsung wants to put an end to this. Esta Samsung app answers for you When you’re driving and can not attend.

According to a recent study commissioned by Samsung, one-third of the Dutch use the phone while they drive by car or biking. Many say that the reason is the social pressure to answer calls and messages. Like them, millions of people around the world. Only a second to say “I am driving” may have a bad outcome. Despite the hands free ever more globalized or control of calls, messages in applications like WhatsApp, Telegram and similar are still cause for dismissal when we are on the road.

To end distractions at the wheel and the need to reply to a message, that in the majority of cases is not relevantand, Samsung working in the application In – Traffic Reply. The new app allows you to reduce this social pressure and sends replies to calls and messages automatically without the need that the driver is distracted.

app de Samsung contesta por ti

The application is activated automatically when the owner of the phone begins to lead. One is active thanks to the motion detection. When it detects that the user is cycling or driving a car, through the phone as a GPS sensors, the app is activated. Responses can be sent by default, “I’m driving, I can not answer” or set messages to everyone’s taste… one personalized, animated answers, or funny messages according to each prefers.

The application is still in beta phase and Samsung works even in it. For the moment, hundreds of users have tested and are interested in how it works and what allows. The application will be available worldwide from mid-May application Google Play store.

The article answer for you when you’re driving this app from Samsung was published in AndroidAyuda.

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