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This is the first Samsung Galaxy S8 transparent in the world

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has been released in different colors, right? But in reality, they are not different versions, but only a transparent version dyed of a certain color. The true flagship of the company is transparent. So, in fact, The first Samsung Galaxy S8 transparent in the world.

A transparent Samsung Galaxy S8

If a few days ago we told you about JerryRigEverything and how I had found a front camera with optical image stabilization in the Samsung Galaxy S8, now is the time to also speak this youtuber and the flagship of Samsung. Not to speak of components of the smart phone, but rather to become a smartphone with a different color than all those who have launched the Samsung Galaxy S8. Or rather, to convert the smartphone in a smartphone colorless.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Transparente

Basically, both the Samsung Galaxy S8 and many others mobile glass, actually have a layer of color behind the glass which is what brings that tone to the design of the smartphone. Thus things, JerryRigEverything, expert in disassembling the smartphones, has withdrawn the case, has managed to eliminate the layer of color of the smartphone, and did the first Samsung Galaxy S8 transparent world.

In fact, it is not be necessary to perform a modification to the smartphone to get it in this color. Actually, prior to being no color, the Samsung Galaxy S8, or at least the housing’s rear glass, is completely transparent. Then applies that layer of color that makes that there are different versions of the smartphone.

While it is unlikely that you will want to convert your smartphone in a Galaxy S8 transparent, if you finally decide to proceed with the removal of the mobile, do not forget that the smartphone is submersible in water, and that you get to reinstall the rear housing, mobile is completely watertight to prevent water leaks that damage the smartphone.

The article thus is the first Samsung Galaxy S8 transparent in the world was published in AndroidAyuda.

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