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This is the best way to unlock a Mobile Android

The process of unlocking the screen of a mobile phone is something that has much changed with the passage of time. And the funny thing is that today there are many ways to unlock our smartphone screen. But this is probably the best way to unlock your mobile Android.

Unlocking the screen

The first way to unlock a mobile phone has much to do with the initial construction of the mobile. With a lid which prevented that the buttons were pressed, it was impossible to carry out a call without wanting to. Later came other forms of locking and unlocking the screen. Easier to remember the press the main button and the own mobile Nokia asterisk.

However, with the arrival of touch screens and the Elimination of physical buttons, was necessary for there to be a single button to turn on the screen. This was the power button. He soon started to give problems. A single button to unlock the screen led us to that you unblock without wanting to crash into something, when we brought him in a backpack or purse.

Here was a major innovation with the iPhone: “Slide to unlock”. Slide to unlock. We turn on the screen, and before you can use it, we have to make a gesture on the screen in order to use the smartphone.

But was not the only thing that we have seen, because with the passage of time they have been coming more and more news. For example, we have seen the release by means of a password, a numeric PIN, or a pattern drawn on screen. We have also seen the release by fingerprint or facial recognition.

All this great, except for a reason, they are not so quick release systems such as of years ago, and this leads to that end many users disable them for unlocking only by sliding the screen. But there is a system of release of screen which is undoubtedly the best of all.

The best way to unlock your mobile

Bluetooth is the best ally. Android has a function that gives us the option to facilitate the unlock screen provided there is a confidence about Bluetooth device. It is a smart bracelet, as a Band 2 my Xiaomi, for example. This means that our smartphone may need to be unlocked via password, PIN, pattern, or fingerprint. But when the smart bracelet is close, it will be with slide to activate the screen.

Just as we say smart bracelet, we could say smart clock, headphones Bluetooth, or even smart glasses. But the key is to use an external Bluetooth as a way to unlock the phone.

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