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This is how Samsung fixes an issue with the battery of the Galaxy Note 7

There are many users who are concerned about the possibility that his mobile phone battery can explode or ignite. When a case of this type, it is always somewhat troubling. And Interestingly, this time has affected the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Samsung has released an official statement announced how it intends to solve the problem and what is the problem in question, and the truth is that the solution is ideal, and more if we take into account the low number of affected users.

A problem with a battery cell

Apparently Samsung has managed to identify the problem that some users were reporting, and it is a problem with one of the cells in the battery. This entailed a risk of explosion in the battery of Samsung Galaxy Note 7. A problem that does not like users, and who do not like the company, as it is obvious, given that could have an impact on sales. However, come this problem, far from denying any problem, Samsung has released an official statement claiming that, on the one hand, he pauses sales Samsung Galaxy Note 7, and on the other, which will replace all smartphones sold so far.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Blue Coral

However, it is not a problem that affects all the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, or a lot less. Apparently, only 24 units per each million Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is likely have a defective battery. We keep in mind that with the number of smartphones that sells Samsung, for the manufacture of all the components of your mobile is necessary to outsource the manufacturing of many of them. It is very likely that they have located series battery that comes with problems, and the provider that has had these problems in the manufacturing, and can thus estimate how many are likely to have a defective battery.

Even so, even if the problem only affects 24 of each million mobile, Samsung has decided to replace all mobile phones whose users want to change it. It is a way to reassure all buyers, although no doubt this is going to report significant costs for the company. However, Samsung believes that it is the best way to act in this case, and certainly is positive for users giving them the option of replacing your cell phone although, of course, is never pleasant to have to replace your phone with a new.

It is likely that Samsung to come in contact with Samsung Galaxy Note 7 users to get information on how you can replace your smartphone, a process that will begin in the next few weeks.

The article as well as Samsung fixes an issue with the battery of the Galaxy Note 7 was published in AndroidAyuda.

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