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This app tells you what is the best day to wash your car

You’re not the only one who believes that when you wash your car, it rains. It is a quite common belief. The vehicle in question is shiny to get dirty just one day after… A problem that is repeated for years but who already has a solution: an application that tells you what is the best day to wash your car

The mobile phone has become our best helper and this is one of its most curious functions. Alerts you when you must wash the car. MeteoWash is an application that tells you what day is best for washing the car and which day you should avoid him. Because it’s going to rain. In addition, tells you where you can go to wash it and it shows you a map so that you can choose the laundry of the nearest car, with information added as reputation, phone number or address.

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An application for all the “hopefully wash a day car and it doesn’t rain”. It is an application of payment but it is now available for free through Google Store Play, with a 4.6 of note according to the users of the Android app market.

What is the best day to wash your car

Know when you have to wash your vehicle is very simple: open the app and choose your city. Can you show where you are with the location of the phone by manually typing your city or, if you want to be more accurate, and it’s one smaller population, can indicate your postal code.


Once you choose your city the application will tell you what is the best day to wash your car. If you decide to ignore it and wash it, you can choose the day and take you to the various washing of car that has close. It will show them on a map and it will tell you how to get there, but will also give you information about these: phone number, address or reputation in the opinion of other users.


Within the application it will show you the temperature in the city and other meteorological data. The units of measure for details about your city are modifiable in MeteoWash. Fahrenheit can change it to your liking in degrees Celsius, degrees Kelvin and degrees.

In addition, if you do not like the initial appearance you can change the ‘theme’ from the settings and the appearance to change color: pink, violet, green, blue and even a night mode. You can also add a widget of the application on your phone’s screen to consult it directly without accessing the application.

Meteo Wash

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