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This active application mode do not disturb according to the place where you are

Now your mobile mode activated do not disturb automatically according to your location. The Wandle application, which turns off the sound notifications and calls according to the place where you are has been released. That achieves this by adding geolocation to the modes do not disturb you want to configure on your mobile.

Every time we spend more time using the smartphone for all kinds of information. He gives us life, is an entertainment device and keeps us connected with people that we want to. But at certain times, our focus is set on something else. For example, in the work, when we go to the cinema or when we got home and we want to ‘disconnect’.

What happens that sometimes put the phone in silence we forget and disrupts us activity that we’re doing. It is sometimes necessary, but other, is annoying.

The Wandle, LCC team has thought of this and offers us an application for our mobile learn when must please mode do not disturb, and do it alone. The Wandle app mode enabled do not disturb in hours and certain days, and especially according to the places where you normally want to be quiet. It’s free and you can download it on the link that is at the end of the article.

Active mode do not disturb by location

The steps that follow are very simple.

First, choose a site on the map where you want to turn on mode do not disturb. This is done from the application itself, that detects the location and save. Whenever you are there, you turn off sound notifications and calls.

There is also another way to mark these places of “intimacy”. When you put the phone in silence, a pop-up window where Wandle asks you if you want to add this site to the application will appear.

activa el modo no molestar por ubicacion

After choosing the site, this Android app gives you the option of marking the hours that you are going to be there. If you have specific places where you don’t want to disturb you, like the library or some time in the job, recurring, you can also select a number of days which Wandle is activated automatically. For example, on vacation.

Finally, configure “Urgent call” and the “answering machine”. To avoid losing important calls, make a list for contacts, and the third call will sound for five minutes. In any case, we can also write messages by way of answering machine that will be sent to all the people that call us via SMS. These two options if they are common among Android applications to configure mode do not disturb.

Remember that the Wandle app is in test mode and may have a fault. We will inform you of its oficioal release or if also appears a similar application to activate the silent mode according to the location of our Android smartphone.

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