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Thinking about a Chromebook? Thus they run applications Android [video]

In the event apr developers Google which was held in San Francisco was announced in an official way that Android applications can be used on computers Chromebook used in operating system Chrome OS of the Mountain View company. I.e., that synergy is a reality, and this, is expected to boost sales of low-cost that we talk about laptops allow.

Case is that, even, has been published a list of Chromebook offering compatibility with the Android applications in a first “stroke”, in order subsequently to other models. If you want to know them, at this link you can see them listed. The case is that with the arrival of the compatibility, use offline computers enhance very clearly, which will give them many more possibilities in le market.

Acer Chromebook 15

As well, since Google hope that good results in sales of these notebooks, which are available for less than 300 euros , move outside the borders of that country. And, the truth is that everything points that it will already be his chances are becoming older and less dependent on access to the Internet. The case is that we leave you a video that I could know how run the Android applications on the Chromebook and, also, the way in which developers have worked:

Click here to see the video

Things that are important

Perhaps the most interesting is that, as he is confirmed, the applications running Android in the Chromebook is native , which means that an emulator is not one to use (Yes, similar to what allows that on a phone you can play PlayStation titles). Thus, on the one hand ensures fully solvent performance – as you can see when retouching an image-. And, moreover, confirms that it includes everything you need for an independent work, which will allow in the future to increase the Options offering computers beyond the Chrome browser. The future is hopeful.

Toshiba Chromebook

Case is that it is clear that by price, hardware and now use option, the Chromebook are becoming an all option in the market. And so it is not surprising that its share in the US already more than 30%, notably in the education segment. And, as we have already indicated in Android support, want is to strengthen these computers in Spain, and this occurring already.

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