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They return the old States of WhatsApp

The new system of States of WhatsApp, has become almost a social network application. There are not many users who use this new system States. On the other hand, if there are many users who miss the old States of WhatsApp. As well, they are back in the latest version.

The old States of WhatsApp already here

It has not had to spend a lot of time to make it clear that users of WhatsApp thrown under the old States of the application. And it is that, in the new beta version of WhatsApp, classical States are back.

Also we can say that the new system of States of WhatsApp is a complete failure. In fact, there are some users who do use it, and probably over time there will be still more users using this new system.

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Without, however, the arrival this new system does not justify the removal of an element that had formed part of WhatsApp almost since its launch. We knew that users were going to ask for their return, but in general it is not easy that in an application like WhatsApp, precisely characterized by the little that varies, there is a change to a previous run of the application.

But that seems to occur with the old States of WhatsApp. In the beta numbered 2.17.95, we find that in settings, in the Info section, we return to write a State as it was before arrived these new States of WhatsApp.

That Yes, we must take into account that the return of this classic function has not be definitive. At the end, and after all, before we have seen how some features that have appeared in the beta version, have not finished to appear in the final versions of the application.

It is still in a beta version, which is not yet available in Google Play, we can’t say categorically that the function which brings back the old States of WhatsApp will have continuity when the final version of the application with this numbering.

Even so, it seems logical to have hope as they have been many users who have asked for the return of ancient States of WhatsApp. Again, nostalgia succeeds in an application that is characterized by its immutability.

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